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Whether you own a small or large restaurant, or own a Bakery cafés‎ or Lunch counters‎ Or Juice bars‎ - QikOrders is the right software for you to increase your sales and simplify the management of it all.
With the advancement of mobile technology, ordering from your favorite restaurant is easier than ever. A whole new business opportunity has opened up for those in the market who are prepared to offer their services to their customers equipped with smartphones. A range of businesses including restaurants are going the mobile route by developing their own mobile applications and mobile websites in order to offer customers to searching and access services through their mobile phones.
iPhone apps and android apps are gaining popularity amongst users which are user friendly and provide an increased presence for businesses. Businesses like restaurants can make the most use of mobile apps and mobile websites. This is because greater number of young people especially students and office goers are using smartphones to search for food pickup and delivery services. Once the customer uses the mobile app of a restaurant and finds how easy it is to use it and the great service he/she gets, then they are more likely to become repeat customers and become permanent users of the app and also recommend it to their friends. Imagine while ordering a pizza or snacks for office hunger, or placing a last minute cake order for their special someone, they are likely to turn to their mobile devices to scroll through mobile websites or android apps and iPhone apps pre-installed on their devices more likely than searching the internet, that is if the restaurant has developed such a service for its customers.
Smart mobile phones has got an integral part of our lives for several reasons : they bring our personal data , contacts , messages , personal photos , bank account numbers , and a variety of mobile applications that users are used to facilitate their daily life.
It is known that a lots of people do not let off smartphones from their hands until they fall in a sleep. That is the reason why mobile applications for restaurants and bars are more interesting and has become each day more important for restaurant marketing. Restaurants can not only increase their presence amongst its customers but can also increase their revenues by developing user friendly mobile websites for the business so that customers do not have to log on to their desktops or search their directories for listed services. This is often a tedious task and avoided by those users have access to android apps and iPhone apps. Apart from this developing mobile apps and mobile websites is a great way for new and emerging restaurants to promote themselves and create their customer base. Also smaller businesses which want to cater to a customer base within a specific area and audience can also make use of the mobile apps. They can create apps which can be used free of cost and thus give an added incentive to its users.
Food delivery, restaurants and more, are offering mobile apps & mobile websites that allow the users to do everything from browse menus, make reservations, put in orders, pay for meals, set up delivery and everything in between. Users can order food and have it delivered right from their mobile, which saves time and money. Mobile loyalty programs for restaurants can increase repeat business. Mobile reservations at restaurants save employees & customers time. Mobile apps allow customers to automatically book a table at their favorite restaurant without having to worry about their reservation being lost or mishandled. From an employees perspective, the entire process is automated, saving everyone time!
Some businesses have poor marketing strategies because of constraints on the small businesses marketing budget. However, a mobile app can help a business spread the word to the outside world. With a mobile app, once the customer has installed it, the business can push targeted messages to reach out and “touch” the customer with targeted information and to keep their business top of mind. This is a great way to give the customer what they want and at the same time give value to the business. A win-win for everyone.

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Every merchant, whether a new restaurant startup or an ongoing business needs online presence becuase your customers being tech savvy and mostly mobile, you need to meet them there! Give your customers the flexibility to order from wherever they want: your website, iPhone, iPad, Samrtphones and other Android devices that we build for you. QikOrders sets up and work towards building your business online brand presence, allowing food ordering at fingertips – bringing new customers & retaining old ones.

BENEFIT- Online ordering... across all devices.!!